Aeromancy is a form of divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions or phenomena in the sky.


From Greek aero, air, and manteia, divination


There are several types of divination that can be categorized under the term “aeromancy”:

Austromancy, divination by observing the wind. Anemoscopy is austromancy in which the wind direction and intensity is interpreted, whereas nephomancy is divination by the interpretation of the movement of clouds.

Ceraunoscopy, divination by the interpretation of thunder and lightning.

Nephomancy or cometomancy, divination by the appearance of comet tails.

Meteormancy, divination by meteors and shooting stars.

Chaomancy, divination by aerial visions, as either naturally occurring mirages or supernatural apparitions, such as spectres, etc.


There are various way to interpret natural phenomena, either relying on a system of symbols or the diviner expressions.


Due to the historical interest people have had in weather, seeing it as a medium by which the gods express both joy and anger towards those who worship them, it is no surprise that aeromancy is one of the oldest forms of divination. The Etruscans, and Babylonians in particular have found the signs in the sky to be of great interest and practice forms of chaomancy and ceraunoscopy.

Francois la Tour Blanche stated that aeromancy is the art of fortune-telling by spectres which are made to appear in the air, or the representation by the aid of Demons which are projected on the clouds as if by a magic lantern. “As for the thunder and lightening,” he added, “these are concerned with the auguries, and the aspect of the sky and of the planets belong to the science of astrology.”

Within Christianity an act of aeromancy might be thought of as the phenomena of the star over Bethlehem when Christ was born. A.G.H. Gods associated with the practice of ceraunoscopy

Deities associated with the practice

  • Tinia, the Etruscan god of lightning
  • Adad, the Babylonian god of thunder, lightning, and prophesy
  • Amon, Egyptian god of wind, fertility, life, and secrets
  • Aditi, Hindu goddess of the sky
  • Agni, Hindu god of the sun, lightning, and fire
  • Thor, Norse god of thunder