The popular Buddhist Japanese god of love. This love can be physical love, such as desire for another person. But in Buddhist theology, Aizen-Myo-o represents love on a higher or intellectual plane. He reminds us that desire can be a powerful force for good. The love of knowledge or enlightenment, which Aizen represents, can be an important force in the world as well as for individual people.

Artists usually show Aizen with three eyes and a lion’s head in his hair. He has six arms, and each arm holds a weapon. Though he looks like a ferocious Ainu warrior, Aizen has a great love for people and is very kind.

As the word myo-o indicates, Aizen is one of the kings of light, or vidyarajas, in Buddhism. Like the other myo-o, Aizen is shown in art as a ferocious warrior. But his popular descriptions make his kindness obvious.



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