Alberich’s history and identity are mysterious as befitting someone with his possible family connections. His name means “Elf Ruler” or “Elf King,” and he may, in fact, be an Elf. The name may also indicate a human who is the master of Elves in the same way that King Solomon is a master or king of Djinn.

• Some legends describe Alberich as a spirit.

• Others suggest that he was an incredibly powerful Frankish sorcerer, perhaps able to attain immortality.

Elf or human, he is described as the brother of Merovech, founder of France’s Merovingian royal dynasty. Although his mother is known, the identity of Merovech’s father has always been mysterious. Rumors have swirled regarding possible Other worldly parentage. Those identified as candidates for paternity include Neptune, Wotan (Odin), or a sea monster. Alternatively as readers of The Da Vinci Code or Holy Blood, Holy Grail know, Merovech is long rumored to be descended from Jesus, whose Davidic lineage is shared by King Solomon. Where Alberich fits into this family tree is unclear.

Alberich is subject of lore and legend, sometimes considered King of Dwarves, too. A character named Alberich appears in various Richard Wagner operas. Wagner was no stickler for mythic accuracy: his Alberich is a composite of Alberich and Andvari.

Realm: Alberich lives in a beautiful, luxurious subterranean palace.


Andvari; Djinn; Dwarves; Elves; Oberon; Solomon, King


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