Lord of the Horned Goats

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Very little information survives regarding pre-Islamic spirits of Arabia, but Almaqah appears to have been the preeminent deity of the South Arabian kingdom of Saba, now in modern Yemen. He was also venerated in what is now Eritrea. The Sabaeans called themselves “Almaqah’s children.” Sabaean inscriptions invoking him date from the seventh century BCE. The great temple of Marib, in Yemen, sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World, seems to have been dedicated to him. (Archaeological evidence is still pending.) He seems to have dominion over precipitation, controlling storms, rain, and flooding. He is the guardian of irrigation, crucial to a desert nation.



Sacred animals: Bull, goat, ibex


Cluster of lightning bolts and an S-shaped weapon

Emblem: He is represented by a geometric image of a circle rising above a crescent: this is usually interpreted as a sun over the crescentmoon, however it could also be a full moon within cattle horns, similar to crowns of Hathor and Isis.


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