America’s Stonehenge – Mystery Hill

America's Stonehenge - Mystery Hill

America’s Stonehenge has always been shrouded in mystery (hence the pseudonym Mystery Hill). Located deep in the woods of Salem, New Hampshire, this 4,000-year-old megalith site is a maze of stonewalls and trails punctuated with stone chambers. The main site contains a sacrificial altar, a working observatory, a burial chamber, and an oracle chamber, but little is known of who built the site or why it was abandoned.

The site is open to the public and selfguided tours are available. Although paranormal activity is not openly talked about, there are too many strange occurrences to ignore. People visiting the site have reported many unusual events (both physical and metaphysical). Some have felt as if they were being watched, while others have even seen what they describe as a pair of “red eyes” peering at them.

Neighbors have heard and seen strange sounds and lights in the woods surrounding the site. There is even a report that one of the employees there saw a stone turn into an old lady and walk across the parking lot. Stones taken from the site have been quickly returned by frightened visitors claiming that they have turned into 9-foot-tall Indians in their homes. These stories are reminiscent of the tales of ancient “shape shifters.”

Blue energy fields have been witnessed and even photographed by many visitors to this ancient site. Batteries drain and even hot coffee goes cold quickly. Mediums and sensitives feel the presence of hundreds of spirits, but who are they? Phoenicians, Irish Monks, Native Americans, Vikings, or someone else? For now, at least, it looks as if the story of Mystery Hill will remain a mystery.

Written by — Ron Kolek Lead Investigator, The New England Ghost Project

TEL: 1 (603) 893-8300

Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger

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