Ammon Park – Pocatello

Ammon Park is a small park that is a stone’s throw from Interstate 15. The park is home to the ghost of a girl in a blue dress. The Ghosts of Idaho staff have collected several accounts regarding her sightings. A typical encounter with this young girl’s specter involves being in the park and hearing a girl playing on the swings. The witness may turn to look, see the girl in a blue dress swinging, and then watch her disappear.

Another encounter reported to us involved a utility shed in the park that was left open by the caretakers. Two kids were playing inside when the door closed and locked without explanation. The kids, who were not easily frightened, suddenly became very afraid.

Later on, other local kids arrived to let them out and explained that the latch had been flipped firmly over the catch that holds the door shut. After multiple of investigations conducted in the park, our group has had a few experiences. Two of our sensitives both had the feeling that the little girl in the blue dress was present.

They described her as having brown hair just below the shoulders, and they said her dress was like an Easter Sunday dress—baby blue in colour, with white lace. We feel that she was killed there either in the little tool shed or in the vicinity of the park.

Toward the end of the investigation, we felt that she was hiding by a tree. Upon examination of the tree, one of our sensitives had the strong feeling that he was intruding, and she wanted him to leave the area surrounding the tree. While returning to the car, we felt that she was following us and she wanted us to stay in the park, though away from her tree. We did not want her to follow us back to our homes, so we kindly asked her to stay there and then left.

Written by — Ghosts of Idaho Staff –



Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger