Radiant Dawn


Easter; Eostre; Ostara



Call her Easter: it’s her name. The various different spellings reflect regional pronunciations. Astara was venerated throughout Germanic lands. She is the spirit of resurrection, Lady of Spring, and the return of life and fertility after winter’s darkness. Her name derives from the same root word as estrus and estrogen. It may mean east; the direction of the radiant dawn. Astara’s annual return is celebrated with flowers, bell ringing, and singing. New fires are lit at dawn.


She manifests as a beautiful young woman, with flowers in her hair.

Consort: Her male consort takes the form of a rabbit. Sometimes he is the size of a full-grown human male; at other times he’s a little bunny that she cradles in her arms. Astara and her frisky rabbit bring the eggs that signify Earth’s resurgence of fertility.


If it’s advertised as being for Easter, then it’s got her name on it. Give Astara Easter baskets and bunnies; painted eggs and chocolate eggs; build her an egg tree. Once upon a time, it was traditional to offer her painted eggs in the cemetery on the Vernal Equinox.

Day: The Vernal Equinox; Ostara is the name of the modern Wiccan sabbat celebrating the Spring Equinox.

Animal: Rabbit


Ix Chel; Waldmichen


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