This is the cooking pot or cauldron that some of the VAMPIRIC WITCHES of Africa use in their magical ceremonies to capture and hold the blood and life-giving essence of their victims (see AFRICAN VAMPIRE WITCH). The pot is created by the witch through the use of magic. To a non-witch, the baisea looks like a normal cooking pot that is full of water. However, a true VAMPIRIC WITCH can see what it truly contains. Witches will gather together and sit around the baisea, preparing a magical brew that is made with the vitality captured from their victims. Victims will not have any sign of physical abuse on their bodies, and if cut they will bleed freely as none of their blood has actually been removed, just the essence of their vitality. However, the victims will act as if they have been drained of their energy and desires (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). The only way to restore the stolen energy to the victim is to find out who the witch is. When confronted and convinced, forcibly or otherwise, to reform from their evil ways, they vomit up all of the blood that they have stolen from their victims over the years. Only once this is done will the victim be able to recover.




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