Baleine, La

La Baleine – Mother of the Sea

La Baleine the whale is a mysterious, powerful spirit of the sea, invoked for protection, prosperity, and fertility, both creative and procreative. La Baleine travels the length, breadth, and depth of the seven seas; she carries secrets and messages from the depths to the surface. She is usually venerated alongside the mermaid, La Sirène; they are celebrated in the same songs. Their relationship is subject to debate: La Baleine may be La Sirène’s sister, mother, or lover. They may be aspects of each other with La Baleine the more distant, mysterious, elusive aspect. They may also be aspects of Ezili: La Baleine is sometimes called Ezili Baleine.

Unlike most Vodou lwa, who were either born in Haiti or Africa, La Baleine may have arrived via European route. Late medieval European sailors and travelers described a female sea-monster named Balena.

La Sirène and La Baleine may be venerated on an altar together. Lord Agwé, La Sirène’s husband, may be venerated along side.

Also known as:

La Balèn; Ezili Baleine




She is a whale.


Seawater; gifts with marine motifs; offer what a whale would eat, symbolically if not literally: a bowl of goldfish crackers or Chinese dried fish crackers.


• Obtain or create an image of a whale’s huge, open, gaping jaw.

• Visualize yourself entering the jaw as if it is sacred space.

• Although this is reminiscent of Jonah and the Whale, be assured that you can come out whenever you choose onto dry land

• La Baleine is a font of secret, hidden mystic and erotic information; explore and see what you experience.

• When your journey is concluded, thank La Baleine and ask her for a gift.

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