Sirène, La

La Sirène is a beautiful, classical mermaid with long flowing hair. Her name literally means “the mermaid.” She holds a mirror, which serves as a threshold or portal between realms. La Sirène is Mistress of Mysticism and a repository of sacred information. She appears in dreams, carrying people down to her kingdom beneath the sea, where she offers magical instruction.

La Sirène is la Reine Chanterelle, “Queen of the Choir.” She epitomizes the mermaid as alluring singer. La Sirène owns a golden trumpet with which she summons the lwa and other spirits. If you find her trumpet, you’re allegedly guaranteed a lifetime of wealth. La Sirène is associated with the largesse of the sea. Her image allegedly attracts wealth and treasure and is thus frequently found in lottery parlours. La Sirène helps your ships come in. Her image in your home may possess the same effect.

In addition to wealth, La Sirène brings love, romance, and success, but she does possess the capacity for violence and is not a spirit to be trifled with. Like her namesakes, the Sirens, La Sirène has associations with death. She lures those who offend her (like those who fail to pay their debts to her!) and drags them to a watery death. Like Fairies, La Sirène has a bit of a reputation as a baby snatcher, taking them to live with her in her undersea palace—an ominous image as in Vodou cosmology the realm of death is beneath the sea. La Sirène may rule a children’s realm of death.

Her husband is usually considered to be Lord Agwé, although she is sometimes depicted in romantic embrace with Simbi. La Sirène may be a path of Ezili or one of the family of Ezili spirits, in which context she is known as Ezili of the Sea. On the spectrum of Ezilis, she falls between Ezili Freda and Ezili Dantor: La Sirène is generally benevolent but the threat of danger remains. Some legends suggest that la Sirène has a daughter named Ursule (an alternative spelling for Erzulie or Ezili).

She is syncretized to Saints Martha and Philomène and the Stella Maris. Invoke La Sirène for protection and safe passage over the sea and for wealth, joy, and psychic ability. If you seek occult secrets, La Sirène can provide them.


La Sirenn (Kreyol)




> Lwa


Musicians, singers


La Sirène is a beautiful, longhaired mermaid. She may be unable to walk (the fishtail hobbles her) or alternatively, if she sprouts human legs, then she walks on her toes.


La Sirène in classic mermaid form is a favoured subject of Haitian sequined flags. The image of the Stella Maris is also used to represent her.


Hand mirror, comb, golden trumpet, bell, cup, candle, rattle


Shades of blue and green and intermingled colors of the sea, like teal or aquamarine. Other traditions suggest her colors are pink and white.








Decorate with marine and mermaid images.


La Sirène drinks champagne (preferably pink!), white wine, or Kir cocktails like Kir Royale: Kir with champagne. Give her drinks made with orgeat syrup. She likes melons and desserts, especially French pastries. Offer her seashells, hair ornaments, perfume, cigarettes, cosmetics, perfume, and hand mirrors.



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