The Demon Barmiel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon.

The fifth spirit in order, he is the first and chief spirit under Caspiel, the Emperor of the South as king of the South under Caspiel, and has 10 Dukes for the day, and 20 for the night to attend him to do his will, which are all very good, and willing to obey the Magickian, whereof we shall make mention of 8 that belong to the day, and as many for the night, for they are sufficient for practice.

Note: Every one of these Dukes has 20 servants a piece to attend him when he is called, excepting the 4 last that belongs to the night, for they have none.

The eight primary dukes of the daytime are

  • Sochas
  • Tigara
  • Chansi
  • Keriel
  • Acteras
  • Barbil
  • Carpiel
  • Manoi

The eight primary dukes of the nighttime are

  • Barbis
  • Marguns
  • Canilel
  • Acreba
  • Morcaza
  • Baaba
  • Gabio
  • Astib

The Conjuration of Barmiel :


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