Bogie Books

Bogie Books—Beginning in 1909, Dennison (a company which specialized in the manufacture of paper goods, and which was among the earliest companies to feature a wide line of Halloween products) produced the “Bogie Books,” detailed and heavily illustrated guides on how to use Dennison’s Halloween products. These booklets typically ran 32 pages, and contained tips on decorating, COSTUMES, and PARTIES. They were produced until 1934, although a few years were skipped, and they were printed in both hardback and paperback. Because of their graphics (which were in color in later issues) and detailed descriptions of early Halloween CELEBRATIONS (and because, like many other early Halloween COLLECTIBLES, they were normally disposed of at the end of the holiday each year), they are now among the most sought-after Halloween collectibles; the 1909 edition is especially scarce, and may fetch over $2,000 on the collectors’ market. Reproductions have been available since the early 2000s.


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