Bullock County Courthouse – Union Springs

The Bullock County Courthouse simply looks like it should be haunted. Its two towers of red brick loom over a collonaded central structure that seems to brood over visitors, daring them to stay awhile. Within hangs the faded photo of a Civil War soldier, his eyes watching you every step you take. That photo alone has unnerved generations of those who work within the courthouse doors, to the point that one former sheriff had the old portrait covered up. The elevators go up and down with no cause or explanation, and more than once, the footsteps or whispered words of disembodied voices have floated down the halls to greet the ears of someone supposedly alone.

The courthouse was built in 1871, its designers placing it in an idyllic setting, surrounded by a park and gazebo. It is patterned after an executive office in Washington, D.C., although no one can ever agree on which one. But whatever the case, cameras rarely work in the Bullock County Courthouse, and when they do, the pictures are often oddly blurred and indistinct. Batteries drain within the confines of the building, and an uneasy feeling seems to hang over the courtroom itself.

What happened here to cause these bizarre occurrences? Did someone die here? Did a trial end in an unjust conviction? Like so many questions that remain about the haunted places of the earth, we simply do not know.



Haunted Alabama Black Belt written by David Higdon and Brett Talley – Copyright © 2013 by David Higdon and Brett Talley – All rights reserved