Centella Ndoki

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Centella Ndoki


Centella Endoki; Mari wanga; Mama Wanga; Mama Huanga



Centella Ndoki is a spirit of the Afro-Caribbean spiritual tradition, Palo. She is the owner of the cemetery, gatekeeper of the portal between life and death. She is the Queen of the World, among the most powerful forces in the universe, if not the most powerful. Because Palo rituals may involve working with dead souls, Centella Ndoki is an exceptionally significant spirit in this tradition. She may or may not be the same spirit as Oya. Like Oya, Centella Ndoki has associations with the marketplace and storms as well as the graveyard.

In traditional Congolese culture, ndoki refers to someone possessing great reserves of magic power. The power is neutral; it may be used for good or ill depending on the desires and intent of the individual.

Home: Present petitions and offerings in the graveyard; that’s where you’ll find her.


  • Oya


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