Chandi – Queen of Dust

Chandi, goddess of birth and death, is a tribal and village goddess partially incorporated into the Hindu pantheon. She is venerated alongside Kali and the Dakinis. Chandi bestows both good fortune and disaster. She is an oracular, prophetic spirit, petitioned for safety, romance, and fertility. She banishes malevolent spirits. Chandi is invoked in love spells, particularly those involving footprints. Dust taken from a person’s footprint is believed able to magically influence them, hence Chandi’s title, the Queen of Dust.

Chandi displays different aspects of herself in different locales, thus she is sometimes described as “Chandi of the River” or “Chandi of the Grove.” Among her other powers, she is a disease spirit: healing and causing eye ailments and cholera. She’s held responsible for illnesses of cattle and propitiated for their health.




In tribal context, Chandi is venerated in the form of round black stones. The stones may be seated on a throne and/or have a woman’s face painted on them. In Hindu context, she appears in the form of a four- or more armed woman wearing a red sari and adorned with a garland of skulls.


A water pitcher for purposes of scrying and divination





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