Christian Satanists

During the recent influx of budding your Satanists, I have seen the Satanic currents twist. I receive email daily and am a part of on e-group, to be left unnamed. What I have read from these supposed Satanists makes me sick.

I hear all about their peace, love, tolerance and respect to all. My stomach turns. What the hell has happened to Satanism?

Thelemites calling themselves Satanists, wiccans and even the occasional kabbalist. What the hell is that?

Christianity seems to have become Satanic, as they too, supposedly believe in peace, love, tolerance and respect for all. We are a group of Free Thought Satanists, however, Satanist is the dominant word here.

Any Satanist of any beliefs are welcomed here. However, they MUST be a Satanist, not an xtian. Peace cannot be, until we are truly free to do our will, where ever we are.

Love is given only to the few who deserve it, not to the masses.

Tolerance, NO ONE tolerates us, so to tolerate others is to turn the other cheek, which is a xtian ethic.

Respect, like love, is only given to the few who deserve it, not the masses. To respect all, is to be xtian, wiccan and thelemite, not Satanic.

It seems that the hippy revolution of the mid-1900's is rising again, as the next wave of Satanists. When the hippy fad wears off, we will still be here, and always be Satanists!

I thought being a Satanist meant embodying Satanic Thought? With the rest of the xtian/hippy Satanic movement, it is no wonder why so many get confused about Satanism.

One site has real Satanic thought, and another saying love, peace and happiness. I mean, do these wastrels bother to ever read real Satanic Literature, or do they just like the title?

I can call myself a Buddhist monk, however, my Satanic thought would shine through. They can call themselves a Satanist, however, their hippy/xtian foolishness will shine through.

It is up to every Satanist to read as much as possible, to weed out these frauds for what they are. The true Satanic Movement shall rise as a swarm of locusts, and devour the false Satanists.

Hail Satan! Hail Lucifer! Hail the Self! ¤1992

Christian Satanists  By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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