Coloured Houses

The three houses are the red, white and green house. The red is a chalet at Pasir Ris, the white is Matilda House in Punggol and the green is Hillview Mansion. There have been endless horror stories from these 3 houses and many thrill seekers go there to get their adrenaline pumping.

The red house remains abandoned, the white is now off limits to visitors, and the green has been demolished.

The Legend:

In the red house there have been reports of a rocking armchair with a doll on it and lion statues that stare at visitors at they enter. The white house has been said to house evil spirits ever since it was abandoned in the seventies and the green house apparently holds evil spirits of a family who were burned in a fire, never allowing renovations to be completed.

When the white Matilda House was set to be demolished, the story goes that three workers died trying to demolish it. A lady with long hair has been spotted sitting in the branches of surrounding trees.

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