Dan Galadima

Dan Galadima : The Prince

Dan Galadima is the handsome prince, playboy, and gambler of the Bori pantheon. His father is Sarkin Aljan Biddarene, but he was raised in the household of Sarkin Aljan Suleimanu. (Yet another version of his parentage suggests that his real father is the Bori spirit Malam Alhaji.)

Dan Galadima is an exceptionally generous spirit, but his gifts come with strings attached. He expects repayment with interest. Dan Galadima is a bit of a mob boss: once you accept his gifts (and he’s very good at determining desires), you owe him. You’re obligated to him.

He is a powerful spirit; don’t be quick to accept trivial gifts from him. Ask for what you really need or desire, because once you do accept, as with the mafia, this may not be a relationship that you can terminate. Dan Galadima is a lady’s man. He may be inclined to fulfill petitions for beautiful women just because he likes their company and attention. He has four wives and one concubine, each from a different Bori house; hence he is extremely well connected. All his children have been given to his cousin, Sarkin Rafi, to raise.

Dan Galadima is a compulsive spender and gambler. He can heal and bestow these afflictions, too. Dan Galadima can break a gambling addiction. Those possessed by him may feel the urgent need to give everything away.


Dan Galadina






Dan Galadima is associated with sweet, aromatic herbs.


Fragrant colognes and eaux de toilettes (Florida Water; Cananga Water; 4711); luxurious grooming items (he is very handsome); hand mirrors to gaze at himself; large white kola nuts; handkerchief with cowrie shells; silk scarves; a fan; things associated with gambling (dice, card decks)



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