Diablesse, La

La Diablesse is a nocturnal spirit from the islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. During the day, she hides in the big root buttresses of kapok trees. At night, she emerges to roam around, usually on quiet roads, but she may come into populated areas, too, as the desire takes her. She may or may not be a tree spirit.

La Diablesse resembles a beautiful woman dressed in a long, romantic, flowing dress and a big, floppy hat. Her clothes may sound old-fashioned, but it’s a daring, sexy outfit: her skirt is slit high on one side to reveal a shapely feminine leg. Of course, the clue to her identity is the other leg, the one hidden by the voluminous fabric. That’s the leg with the cloven foot. Some manifestations of La Diablesse may have an entire donkey’s leg.

La Diablesse lures men to secluded areas near the tops of cliffs. They’re anticipating romantic assignations or some easy sex: instead she finally removes that big hat, revealing a grinning skull and then kicks her victim off the cliff with her powerful cloven hoof. It is unclear whether her attacks are random or whether she targets specific victims for vengeance, justice, or less commendable reasons. She strongly resembles goddesses Aisha Qandisha or Lilith, who lure men sexually only to punish them, often fatally.

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