The Demon Emoniel is the 5th wandering prince, who has 100 princes and chief Dukes, besides 20 lesser Dukes and a multitude of servants to attend him, whereof we shall mention 12 of the chief Princes or Dukes, who have 1320 Dukes and other inferior servants to attend them. They are all by nature good and willing to obey. It is said they Inhabit most in the woods. They are to be called in the day as well as in the Night, and according to the Planetary order. [i.e. one per 2 hours]

The 12 dukes: Ermoniel, Edriel, Carnodiel, Phanuel, Dramiel, Pandiel, Vasenel, Nasiniel, Cruhiel, Armesiel, Oaspeniel, Musiniel.

The Conjuration of Emoniel :

Aerial Spirits of Solomon

Emoniel is a Demon and a wandering duke of the air. Emoniel has 100 princes and chief dukes, 20 lesser dukes, and a multitude of servants beneath him. The spirits live mostly in the woods and must be summoned according to their planetary hours. When they appear, they are willing to obey commands. The 12 major dukes are Ennoniel, Edriel, Camodiel, Phanuel, Dramiel, Pandiel, Vasenel, Nasiniet, Cruhiet, Armesiel, Oaspeniel, and Musiniel.

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