Enders Hotel & Museum – Soda Springs

The spirit who haunts Enders Hotel is someone who was shot at “The Office.” “The Office” was a bar that existed in the building in the past. The Enders Hotel, built in 1917, is a three-story building with the second floor serving as a museum and the third floor containing hotel rooms.

The Ghosts of Idaho staff investigated the building because there have been many claims of phantom footsteps, objects being moved by invisible forces, and an image was captured in the basement showing a hazy male face in it with no logical explanation as to why the face would be there. Though that picture was taken in the basement, we decided to investigate the rest of the building first.

One of our sensitives had the feeling that someone had fallen down the staircase from the first floor leading to the second floor, and their spirit was lingering because of the accident. We investigated the second and third floors but didn’t pick up any supernatural phenomena, though we did encounter a dead-end hallway where the air was very thick and hot. We also noticed that the hallway was very calm and quiet.

We called our sensitive over to check it out, and when he walked down the hallway, he saw a blue flash in the mirror, which he described as the same color of electricity arcing. We left the hallway, and another of our psychics had an intuition that the ghost in the hotel was a cleanshaven, middle-aged man dressed in a black suit.

One of our members pointed to an old picture that had a family in it in which one of the men was wearing a black vest and was clean-shaven. Our psychic stated that the man he envisioned was missing the jacket but was wearing the same style clothes.

After investigating the second and third floors, we went downstairs to the lobby and spoke with an employee. She stated that there was a hotel employee named Penny who would see someone come into her room and feel them sit on her bed. Many of the Enders Hotel staff have had unexplained experiences while working here.

Written by — Ghosts of Idaho Staff Ghostsofidaho.org

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Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger