Flying Without a Broom: Astral Projection and the Astral World – D.J. Conway

Flying Without a Broom: Astral Projection and the Astral World -  D.J. ConwayFor a moment, imagine being totally free of any constraints. You can visit any point in time, any point in space. And imagine that you can do this easily, anytime you want. Many people thought that Witches could do this by riding on a broom.

The broom ride was only symbolic, but Witches do know how to travel on the astral plane. So who better than a Wiccan to explain how you can travel just like a Witch? Author D. J. Conway will teach you how to visit the astral plane and more in Flying Without a Broom.

In this book you will learn that astral travel is natural. You do it whenever you sleep. You will learn how to meditate, and then astral travel from within the meditative state. It’s fun and easy.

But what really sets this book apart is that it shows you many of the amazing things you can do while on the astral plane. You will learn how to do astral healing of others. You will discover how to let other people see your astral body (bi-location). You will be able to choose any time and any place to visit: the oracle at Delphi, the Mystery School at Dodona, the Acropolis at
Athens― with this experience you can deepen your own spirituality.

The book also tells you how to do magick while on the astral plane. Several rituals are described, including rituals for success, divination, spiritual growth and more. You will also discover that you are not alone on the astral plane. You will meet other travelers and other entities. Some of them you may not like, so the book gives you ways to defend yourself against them.

If you want to learn astral projection from a Wiccan viewpoint, this is the book for you.

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Flying Without a Broom: Astral Projection and the Astral World - D.J. Conway

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