Fortean Times

Called the News from its founding in 1973 until 1976, the Fortean Times was created by editor Robert J.M. Rikard in order to promote and discuss the ideas of Charles Fort, a collector of reports and firsthand accounts of strange phenomena that had been ignored by scientists. In its first years, during which it was published bimonthly, the magazine concentrated on publishing articles about paranormal incidents that had already been reported elsewhere.

Eventually, though, it began publishing original material as well. In 1977 the magazine became a quarterly (it went back to being a bimonthly in 1991). By the 1980s, now with its title lengthened to Fortean Times: The Journal of Strange Phenomena, it also supported the publications of such works as Lake Monster Traditions (1988) and Lost Lands and Sunken Cities (1988). Today the magazine is one of the most respected publications of its kind among believers in the paranormal.



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