Fortress of Dumbarton

Fortress of Dumbarton Legendary fortress at Dumbarton, Scotland, near Glasgow on the Clyde River, created by a band of angry witches in pursuit of St. Patrick. Around the year 388, the Devil became so offended at the piety of St. Patrick that he incited “the whole body of witches in Scotland” against the saint. In an army, the witches attacked St. Patrick, who fled toward the Clyde.

At the mouth of the river, he found a little boat, leaped into it and set off for Ireland. The witches were unable to cross running water — another folk belief — and in anger, they ripped off a huge chunk of rock from a nearby hill and hurled it after the saint. Their aim was so bad that the rock fell harmlessly to the ground. Later, the rock was turned into a fortress.

Further Reading:

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