The galli are in Sumerian lore, a group of seven Demons who live in Kur, the underworld.

The galli attend Ereshkigal, the sister of Inanna and the goddess of death and gloom. Ereshkigal sits naked on a throne of lapis lazuli in her palace, which is surrounded by seven walls. Anyone, either mortal or god, who enters Kur is doomed to stay. The galli, however, are free to come and go. When they go to the world of the living, they terrorize people and kidnap them to Kur. Galli can exist in favourable form. They do not eat or drink or sexually molest people as many other Demons do. However, they despise children.

According to lore, Ereshkigal imprisoned Inanna in the underworld. She escaped, but the galli tracked her down and threatened to take her back unless she found a good substitute. Inanna discovered that her lover, Dumuzi, was not sad at her death but was celebrating it. In a rage, she killed him with a look and gave him over to the galli to take her place in Kur. The galli fell upon Dumuzi, tore up his face, and slashed him with an ax. Dumuzi takes the place of Inanna in Kur for six months of the year. During that time, it is winter.