Green Jade Mother

Green Jade Mother – Lady of the Azure Clouds; Old Mother

The Green Jade Mother is the Jade Emperor’s sister. They once ruled Heaven together; then they descended to Earth at T’ai Shan, the sacred Taoist mountain in China. There, brother and sister brought Creation to life, creating plants, birds, fish, and animals. The Green Jade Mother created people, too. Together with the Jade Emperor, she ruled over Earth from T’ai Shan.

Exactly what happened next is unclear, but the Jade Emperor now rules alone, a remote, bureaucratic figure. The Green Jade Mother has faded into obscurity even on her sacred mountain. She is called the Old Lady of T’ai Shan. The mountain is now dominated by her husband and daughter. The Green Jade Mother’s daughter bears the title “Lady of T’ai Shan” and is popularly venerated alongside her father. (All have been somewhat eclipsed by Kwan Yin, who now shares altar space on T’ai Shan.)



Sacred site:

The Green Jade Mother has a small cave shrine near the summit of T’ai Shan.


  • Jade Emperor
  • Kwan Yin
  • Nu Kwa
  • T’ai Shan, Lady of
  • T’ai Shan, Lord of


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