The Historic Old Bermuda Inn

THE HISTORIC OLD BERMUDA INN 2512 ARTHUR HILL ROAD STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK 10309 TEL: 1 (718) 948-7600 WEBSITE: Owned by the Mesereau family, this enchanting mansion was built back in 1832. Rich in historic detail and charmingly enhanced with timeless antiques, the inn now serves as a restaurant, and wedding and party facility. Although the mansion has been extended to include new rooms, the original part of the mansion still remains intact. In 1860, Mr. William Mesereau went off to war. Martha, his wife, stayed in the mansion, anxiously awaiting his return from the war. Looking out of her bedroom window (which overlooked the water) day after day, night after night, Martha kept vigil, waiting for her husband’s ship to return. During the evenings, Martha kept a candle burning in the window so her husband could find his way home. One day, she received the terrible news that she had dreaded—Mr. Mesereau had been killed. Upon hearing this news, Martha retreated to her bedroom and, as the legend goes, died of a broken heart in that room. Today, Martha’s room is called “The Somerset Room.” It is now a beautiful dining area, which, according to the lore, Martha still inhabits. Many people have claimed to see Martha’s silhouette in the window as well as a figure walking about in the front part of the inn. Other reports from workers at the inn have included strange noises and locked doors opening by themselves. It is believed that Martha still waits patiently at the inn for her husband to return. Photo by Alison Lynch Mid-Atlantic 63 There is an oil painting of Martha Mesearu in the original part of the mansion. This portrait hangs in the first floor hallway and is quite an attraction to many visitors. Martha’s beauty shines through in this portrait, which was painted at the inn those many years ago. However, the portrait also holds an experience of its own. When construction to expand the mansion was in progress, noises could be heard from the original part of the mansion. One evening, this portrait mysteriously caught fire! There was no one inside that part of the inn at the time. Luckily, a worker happened to walk through and saw the fire. Although the portrait was not destroyed, it still retains the burn marks on the bottom part. It is said that the reason for these unexplained noises and the fire was Martha, expressing her dislike to the changes which were being made to her home. During Real Hauntings’s investigation, we experienced many strange events. Cameras in Martha’s room would often not work. Upon leaving Martha’s room and entering the hallway, the cameras would work fine. Cold chills were felt in the room near one of the chairs where EMF meter readings were high. Many photographs taken throughout the inn showed only one spirit orb. That makes sense, because only Martha’s spirit is said to haunt the inn. It was almost as if Martha was following us as we inspected her home. EVP captured in Martha’s room included the opening and slamming shut of the closet door (no one was in the room at the time) and a woman’s voice whispering, “Listen.” According to the inn’s staff, another strange occurrence happens every night. In the hallway on the first floor of the original part of the mansion, one light on the chandelier hanging from the ceiling will not shut off. Even when the switch is flipped and the electricity is turned off, this one light stays on throughout the night. Many have inspected the chandelier and could find no cause for this to happen. The Old Bermuda Inn’s charm and elegance still shine through, as well as the spirit of Martha Mesereau. —Alison Lynch Lead Paranormal Investigator, Real Hauntings

Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger