The Demon Hydriel is the third of the wandering spirits or princes, who has 100 great Dukes, 200 lesser Dukes, and servants without number under him, whereof we shall mention 12 of the chief Dukes which have 1320 servants to attend them. They are to be called in the day as well as in the night according to the planetary motion. The first begins with the first hour of the day or night and so successively on until you come to the last. They also appear in the form of a serpent, with a virgins head and face: yet they are very courteous and willing to obey, they delight most in or about waters and all moist grounds.

The 12 dukes are:

  • Mortoliel
  • Chamoriel
  • Pelariel
  • Musuziel
  • Lameniel
  • Barchiel
  • Samiel
  • Dusiriel
  • Camiel
  • Arbiel
  • Luciel
  • Chariel

The Conjuration of Hydriel :

Demon and a wandering duke of the air. Hydriel has 100 great dukes and 200 lesser dukes and their servants beneath him. The 12 chief dukes each have 1,320 servants. All the Demons must be summoned according to their appropriate planetary hour. When they appear, each has the form of a Serpent with a virgin’s head and face. Unlike the spirits of BURIEL, they are courteous and obedient. They prefer to be around water and moist places. The 12 major dukes of Hydriel are Mortoliel, Chamoriel, Pelariel, Musuziel, Lameniel, Barchiel, Samiel, Dusiriel, Camiel, Arbiel, Luciel, and Chariel.