Kossuth, Lajos

Kossuth, Lajos (1802–1894) In Hungarian legend, freedom fighter in the war of independence. He was the minister of finance in the first independent national government and later became governor of Hungary. Following the collapse of the new government he had to flee the country and later died in exile. Hungarian folklore has made him a symbol of freedom. When he appeared, some peasants believed he was a reincarnation of Ferenc Rákóczi, an earlier fighter for Hungarian freedom, who was to come back when the country needed him. Some of the legends attached to Kossuth stem from those assigned to King Mátyás, another popular figure in Hungarian folklore.


  • Barbarossa;
  • Rákóczi, Ferenc;
  • Mátyás


Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, Third Edition – Written by Anthony S. Mercatante & James R. Dow– Copyright © 2009 by Anthony S. Mercatante