Kothar Wa Khasis

Kothar Wa-Khasis

Deft; Skillful



Kothar may be interpreted as “skill” or “skilful”; Kothar wa-Khasis is the divine craftsman of the Ugaritic pantheon. Kothar was venerated in what is now Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel by Phoenicians, Canaanites and Jews.

Kothar is a smith and metalworker; shaman and magician; soothsayer; craftsman; architect, inventor and artisan. He designed and built beautiful furniture for Asherah; weapons for Ba’al and Anat and built Ba’al’s palace from cedarwood, silver, gold and lapis lazuli. He is Ba’al’s ally. Kothar is identified with the Egyptian craftsman deity, Ptah: they may be the same spirit operating under two names. Kothar is sometimes described as living in Ptah’s city of Memphis, Egypt.


Anat; Asherah, Lady of the Sea; Ba’al; KTRT; Ptah


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