Kubera Lord of Wealth


Kuber; Kuvera


India Kubera, Golden Lord of Wealth, is considered the richest of all Hindu deities. Kubera is the King of the Yakshas and elder half-brother of Ravana, the primary antagonist of the epic, the Ramayana. The brothers have a contentious relationship. Although Kubera, too, was once classified as a Demon, he made the transition to Hinduism by practicing austerities for one-thousand years. He is the banker who lent Vishnu money. Kubera lives in a palace in the Himalayas where he is served by Yakshas. He is invoked for protection and especially wealth. Kubera is guardian of all Earth’s treasures; his sacred function is to distribute them. Allegedly Brahman charged Kubera to distribute them based on an individual’s destiny however devotees hope that Kubera will be generous and make exceptions. He is also petitioned to help regain lost wealth.


Kubera is described as a fair-skinned dwarf with a pot belly, symbolic of his wealth and comfort.


Mace Consort: Vasudhara (Yellow Tara) Day: Thursday Sacred animals: Mongoose, horse


North Numbers: 72, 9 Kubera is associated with a magic square in which all lines add up to 72: 27 20 25 22 24 26 23 28 21 This magic square is used as a yantra (mystic diagram), which allegedly provides wealth and business success if incorporated in 72 day long rituals for Kubera.


  • Jambhala;
  • Tara, Yellow


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