The Hyena





Kure, son of the Head of the Seventh House of Bori spirits, was adopted by Sarkin Zurkalene whose sister, Hawa’u he then married. Kure also married Amina and Maimuna, two daughtersof the Chief of Butchers. When the Butcher Chief retired, Kure inherited his position.

His association with hyenas is not considered complimentary. Hyenas are very much feared in Hausa folklore not only as fierce animals but because of associations with witchcraft. (Hyenas are often believed to be witches in disguise or vice versa.) Kure’s association with hyenas indicates his importance in pre-Islamic shamanic traditions as well as modern associations with blood.

Kure is a lurker and a watcher. His favored spot is lingering outside royal palace gates. He witnesses a lot and is a font of information although not necessarily inclined to share. Kure is a nocturnal spirit and most likely to be encountered at night.

Favored people:



Kure may manifest as a man but at night he often wanders in the form of a hyena. He lingers by thresholds and gates. Should you desire to meet him, soul journey to the gates of the palace of Jangare at night. He will, eventually, appear.

Affliction: Kure inflicts headaches, nose bleeds and inexplicable choking (no physical cause).

The key magical ingredient to healing Kure’s afflictions is dust gathered from outside the gates of any royal palace. That’s where Kure lurks; the dust contains his essence.

Sacred tree: Doka (Isoberlinia doka)



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