The Laumès are beautiful Baltic Fairies. They have power over wealth, abundance and fertility, which they bestow or remove as they desire. Although they are forest-dwelling Fairies, they are friendly and mingle with people. (And with less available forest, the Laumès may have little choice but to mingle.)

Laumès protect children and orphans. They are also sometimes accused of kidnapping children although not to harm them. Laumès steal children in order to love, mother and keep them. Laumès can be a bit volatile and hot-tempered but they can be very generous, compassionate, good-hearted spirits. They are skilled at traditional “women’s work” (spinning, cooking, laundry) and have been known to help out in times of need.

Traditionally, Laumès lived in forests, beside sources of water and stones. The Laumès may serve Laima and/or Ragana.


Laumès fit the stereotype of the beautiful, long-haired, alluring Fairies. They are usually described as naked although presumably wear clothes if they want.

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