Lestat Through the Ages

As complete a timeline as can be of Lestat’s life and travels.

Note: Much thanks are owed to Katharine Ramsland’s immensely thorough and entirely amazing book The Vampire Companion. This book saved me enormous amounts of time in having to actually plod through the books myself and write down all the years and such. For more info on Katharine Ramsland, go to her official site.


Lestat’s mortal birth on November 7th.


Lestat kills the wolfpack terrorizing the countryside by his home.
Lestat befriends Nicolas de Lenfent, the son of a local merchant.
Lestat and Nicolas go to Paris to pursue careers in the theater.


Lestat, at 20 years old, is made a vampire by Magnus.
Lestat turns his mother Gabrielle (who is dying from consumption) into a vampire.
Lestat and Gabrielle encounter Armand’s coven, and summarily destroy it.
Lestat turns Nicki into a vampire.
Lestat turns the deed to Renaud’s Theater over to Nicolas and four members of Armand’s old coven, who turn it into the Theater of the Vampires.
Lestat and Gabrielle leave Paris; Lestat writes the first of several messages to Marius.


Nicki destroys himself in the fire.
Lestat’s mortal family is killed in the French Revolution, his father escaping to America.
Lestat goes underground for the first time.
Marius awakens Lestat and takes him to meet Enkil and Akasha. Lestat awakens Akasha by playing the violin and she allows him to drink from her. Lestat is sent away by Marius because of this.
Lestat arrives in New Orleans.


Lestat makes 25-year-old Louis de Pointe du Lac a vampire.


Lestat and Louis are driven out of the Pointe du Lac plantation by slaves.
Lestat makes five-year-old Claudia a vampire.


Lestat, Louis, and Claudia settle together into a town house on the Rue Royale in New Orleans they remain there together for almost sixty years.


Claudia attacks Lestat and throws his body into a swamp. Lestat survives and returns; Louis escapes with Claudia, burning down the townhouse and trapping Lestat inside.
Lestat arrives in Paris seeking Armands help; Armand pushes Lestat off a tower and he unwittingly aids Armand in Claudia’s destruction.


Lestat goes underground in New Orleans for the second time.


Lestat is awakened from his coma by the music of Satan’s Night Out, and he decides he wants to be a rock star He reads Louis’ account of their time together in Interview With the Vampire, and decides to write his own story.


Lestat’s autobiography, The Vampire Lestat, is published under the pseudonym Anne Rice.
Lestat’s band, also title The Vampire Lestat, releases a debut album that sells 4 million copies. Lestat and the band release several videos to accompany the song on the album.
Lestat and the band schedule their big concert for Halloween Night, at San Francisco’s Cow Palace.
Lestat and Louis reunite; Lestat also reunites with his mother Gabrielle.
Lestat is abducted by Akasha. He is allowed to drink from her multiple times and is subsequently imbued with many new powers (flight, pyrokinesis, etc.). He accompanies her on her worlwide destruction of mortal men.
Lestat and Akasha arrive at Maharet’s Sonoma Compound, joining the other vampires that had gathered there. Akasha is destoryed, Mekare resumes her place and The Queen of the Damned, and all survive.
Lestat begins writing a book which records his post-concert adventures.
Lestat meets David Talbot for the first time.


Lestat publishes The Queen of the Damned, which tells of his adventures with Akasha, as well as stories from the perspective of other vampires (what is not told from Lestat’s p.o.v was, as he said, telepathically extracted from the minds of others).


Lestat tries to end his life by lying in the sun in the Gobi Desert for almost two full days; his skin is slightly bronzed from the experience and he only becomes more powerful. Lestat recovers with the aid of David Talbot.
Lestat encounters Raglan James and agrees to temporarily switch bodies so that he may experience being a mortal man again. Lestat is temporarily duped, but recovers his body and kills Raglan James.
While in Rio de Janeiro, Lestat forces the Dark Gift upon David Talbot, who has obtained the body of a 26-year-old man by way of the Body Thief.
Lestat, Louis, and David agree to live together in the New Orleans town house.


Lestat publishes his third book, The Tale of the Body Thief


Lestat, Louis, and David go their seperate ways.
Lestat goes back to Rio, where he senses his “stalker” for the first time.
Lestat discovers Roger and begins to stalk him.


Lestat kills Roger and speaks with his ghost. He meets Roger’s daughter Dora.
Lestat finally meets his “stalker”, who introduces himself as Memnoch the Devil. Memnoch asks Lestat to help him.
Lestat accompanies Memnoch on a journey through Heaven and Hell. He meets God and attends the crucifixtion of Christ. He drinks the blood of Christ and obtains Veronica’s veil. He also attends the Fourth Crusade and witnesses Memnoch and God arguing over humanity.
Lestat visits hell, decides against helping Memnoch, and loses his left eye in his struggle to escape.
Lestat returns and gives Veronica’s veil to Dora, who reveals the veil to the world, which results in both Armand and Mael going into the sun.
Dora gives Saint Elizabeth’s to Lestat.
Lestat’s eye is returned by Maharet, who chains him while he dictates his experiences with Memnoch to David Talbot.


Lestat’s fourth book, Memnoch the Devil, is published with the aid of David Talbot.


Lestat, shaken by his experience with Memnoch, goes into a sort of catatonic state. He lies mostly on the floor of Saint Elizabeth’s, where he does not feed nor move, save to protect himself from those who come too close.


Lestat awakens from his coma in New Orleans. Lestat heals Louis, who had gone into the sun, with his strong blood. Lestat also gives his blood to Merrick. Lestat, Louis, Merrick, and David leave New Orleans to escape the possible wrath of the Talamasca.