Lost Souls – Ghost Story

In the early 1980's my wife Sherry and her family moved into a home in a rural part of Oklahoma. Being only 12 years old at the time she never thought anything much about ghosts or spirits and spent most of her time doing what children do, playing.

One morning when she was getting ready to go to school, she was walking through the living room when she saw her younger sister Patty run and hide behind a chair. Thinking nothing about it she went into the kitchen where her mom was sitting and told her that Patty better hurry up or she is going to be late for school. Her mother stated that Patty had already left for school. Sherry told her mom that she just saw her in the living room giggling and playing. They both searched the house but didn't find Patty. Sherry could not forget about seeing the little blond headed girl running and hiding behind a chair.

Weeks later on an early fall morning when the fog was clearing the fields, her older brother John was out back of the house chopping wood. He paused for a moment when he heard sounds of children laughing and giggling coming from up on a hill. He looked up to see what appeared to be two children, a boy and a little blond headed girl running through the field. The two children disappeared into the fog. Later when he returned inside he mentioned this occurrence to his mom, she laughed and said it was probably the Kurtz's children. John didn't know what she was talking about.

Later that year, Sherry's family decided to build onto to the old house. As they were knocking down one of the walls, they found a little gold locket. When they opened the locket inside were the pictures of two children, one little boy and one little blond headed girl. Sherry was amazed. She told her mom that the picture of the little girl was that of the little blond headed girl she saw hiding behind the chair. Her brother John, who never heard of Sherry's encounter, also stated that the pictures were those of the children he had seen while chopping wood.

Never hearing of the others sightings, they both looked at each other in amazement. Sherry's mom explained that these were the children of the Kurtz family who use to live in the house before they did. Mr. Kurtz was an avid pilot and late one evening when taking off from a local airport for a family vacation, the plane crashed and killed all the members of the family. Sherry's mom also told about various times when she had seen the children.

They ended up mailing the locket off to one of the Kurtz's relatives and the lost souls of the children were never seen again.



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