Magical Techniques of Tibet : Secret Practices Of Himalayan Magic – J.H. Brennan

Magical Techniques of Tibet : Secret Practices Of Himalayan Magic - J.H. BrennanA great esoteric tradition developed in the Himalayan vastness of the Tibetan plateau. Over centuries of isolation, this unique culture investigated the mysteries of mind and magic to a degree never before attempted.

Today, as Tibetan spirituality spreads across the world, the practices of Tibetan magic have scarcely been investigated by Western occulties. Magical Techniques of Tibet presents this body of techniques, based partly on Tibetan Buddhist practice and partly on shamanic Bon (the aboriginal religion of Tibet).

Learn about authentic Tibetan magical practices, including: tumo, the ability to stave off the cold by stimulating the chakras and energy channels of the body; light trance states to recall past lives; manipulation of energies via sound, rhythm, chanting, and drumming; and the spiritual practice of dream yoga. The book brings the ancient magical techniques of Tibet to the magicians of the West.

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