Pronunciation : (ME-los)
Variations: Mulo

There is Gypsy lore that says if a child is still-born but is still moving as if it were alive, it is a type of LIVING VAMPIRE known as a milos. This condition of birth can also occur in a colt and ramling. The vampire will continue to grow until it is about eight years old, and although it will not get any larger at that point, it will continue to live on. A milos has a clothing fetish and will wear only all-white clothes. It is most active at noon and midnight, preying on the women of the community that it likes the most. The milos will kill them if it can and boil their bodies in order to make them easier to eat. It has a weakness for wine, and if a person can get it drunk, he can cut its head off, boil it, and then cut it into four equal pieces. The best way to destroy a milos, however, is to hire a professional DHAMPIRE. He will confront it in hand-to-hand combat or by the use of magic.


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