Odhrerir (Odherir, Odhroerir, Odrorir) (heart stirrer) is in Norse mythology, a magic kettle containing a magic potion, the mead of poets. It was prepared by the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar from honey mingled with the blood of Kvasir, the wisest of men, who had been created from the spittle of the Aesir and Vanir gods. (The treaty of peace between the two groups had been sealed by each side spitting into a vessel.) The drink conferred wisdom and knowledge of runes and magic charms, as well as poetic facility.

Odin, the chief Aesir god, was aware of its power and transformed himself into a snake to capture the mead. It was under the control of the giant Suttung, whose daughter Gunlod guarded it. In his snake form Odin bored his way through a rock to where Gunlod sat on her golden stool. She let the snake drink as it lay in her arms for three days. Having drained the caldron dry, Odin flew away in the form of an eagle. When he arrived in Asgard, he spit the drink into a vessel. Odhrerir was also known as Eldhrimir.


Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend, Third Edition – Written by Anthony S. Mercatante & James R. Dow-Copyright © 2009 by Anthony S. Mercatante

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