Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings – Kevin Crossley-Holland

Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings - Kevin Crossley-HollandIntroduced and retold by Kevin Crossley-Holland.

First published by André Deutsch Ltd 1980. Published in Penguin Books as “The Norse Myths” 1982. Reprinted under the present title 1993.

The Scandinavian myths form a linked chain of stories, creating a mighty, fantastical world teeming with gods and goddesses, master-smiths and magicians. Battles between gods and giants exist alongside unexpected love matches until the final days of destruction dawn, with their promise of rebirth.

Using his talents as poet, translator and author, Kevin Crossley-Holland brings the myths alive. He reveals a dynamic culture in which is reflected the Norseman’s spirit and confidence, his ruthlessness and cruelty, arrogance and generosity.

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Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings - Kevin Crossley-Holland

Norse Mythology

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