According to tales collected orally around 1970, something invisible, but which drags rattling chains, can be heard running wildly from Letton Hill to Pimperne; those that have tried to grab hold of it report feeling soft fur, so it is generally thought to be a ghostly dog.

Pimperne graveyard is haunted by the spectral form of a hand which lies buried there. Some say it is the hand of a soldier, cut off during a bloody clash between deer poachers and keepers in 1780 at CRANBORNE CHASE; others, that it was cut off during a battle between Roundheads and Cavaliers. Either way, its owner or his companions retrieved it and buried it in holy ground, yet it cannot rest.



Haunted England : The Penguin Book of Ghosts – Written by Jennifer Westwood and Jacqueline Simpson
Copyright © Jennifer Westwood and Jacqueline Simpson 2005, 2008

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