Proof (the Nightstand)

It's not unusual for young people to “dabble” in the paranormal-whether it be with Ouija boards, Séances, or what have you. Usually, it's done in the spirit of fun, and they really don't expect more than a cheap thrill, an a laugh or two. But sometimes, they get just a little more than they bargained for.

One day, a couple of the neighborhood girls came by for a visit. The oldest of the two, Katie, was the same age as my brother Richard, with whom she was close friends.

Talk somehow turned to the paranormal, and to relating the outcome of some of the Séances my father had held in times past. Katie was skeptical, but thought that it sounded fun (in that “scare me” thrill way), so she and Richard devised their own experiment in raising the knocking spirits.

Gathering a couple of chairs from the kitchen, the proceeded to my bedroom (the largest in the house), and placed the small antique bedside table in the center of the floor. Witnesses gathered to gage their success, which included my oldest brother, Scott, myself, and Penny, Katie's younger sister. The three of us sat on the edge of the bed to watch.

Placing their chairs facing each other across the table, Katie and Richard took their places, with the tips of their fingertips just touching the top of the small table. (In the manner one contacts the planchette with an Ouija board) They then proceeded to attempt to contact the spirits–and bid them to show a sign of their presence. Neither Richard nor Katie were taking the entire matter very seriously, and spent a great deal of the time laughing and making various jokes (I think this was as much from nervousness, as from anything else).

After several minutes, though, they sobered up somewhat, and began to “summon” the spirits more seriously. Well, to the amazement of all, and especially Richard and Katie, they got just what they were asking for.

Slowly at first, in such a subtle manner that it was hardly noticeable, the table began to rock back and forth. Both Katie and Richard accused the other of somehow creating the movement, but each swore innocence. Gradually, the rocking became more and more intense–to the point that the table began to move–to WALK–across the floor. The movements became so strong, that finally, both Katie and Richard, to prove that they were not physically moving the table, lifted their hands, so that their fingers were suspended just above the table top, but not touching it. Still, the table moved. In total, the table “walked” about three feet from its original position in the center of the floor.

Both Richard and Katie were more shocked than their observers-their ashen faces, wide open eyes and sudden loss of laughter bore their own testimony. So frightened they became, that they finally called a stop to the experiment, stood up, and left the room. Katie grabbed her little sister, and quickly made for home. Richard, on the other hand, remained unusually quiet, and refused to talk about the incident. They never tried the experiment again. Once was enough to make believers of them both.

© Paulette Boyd

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