The Demon Raysiel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon. Raysiel serves under Demoriel and rules as a king in the north, attended by 50 dukes during the day and 50 more at night. Each duke has 50 servants. The daytime Demons are good-natured; the nighttime Demons are evil, stubborn, and disobedient.

The 16 major dukes of the day are : Baciar, Thoac, Sequiel, Sadar, Terath, Astael, Rarnica, Dubarus, Armena, Albhadur, Chanael, Fursiel, Baetasiel, Melcha, Tharas, and Vriel.

The 14 of the night are : Thariel, Paras, Arayl, Culmar, Lazaba, Aleisi, Sebach, Betasiel, Belsay, Morael, Sarach, Arepach, Lamas, and Thurcal.

The Conjuration of Raysiel :