She Who Rears; The Nourishing Snake; Lady of the Double Granary

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Renenet is an Egyptian goddess of childbirth. Her name derives from the root word ren, indicating the soul name, the secret name that the Egyptians believed helped animate the baby and bring it to life outside the womb. (Alternatively the name provides protection and keeps the baby alive.)

Renenet is invoked to instill a baby’s survival instincts and to create the desire to nurse. She may be invoked to guard and empower premature babies. She is also petitioned to help reveal the true name of a newborn or any other person. Renenet protects the secret name after death—necessary, according to the Egyptians, to enable eternal survival of the soul.

Favored people:

Babies, vintners


Renenet is a fire-breathing, sacred cobra.


Renenet is portrayed as a woman with a snake or lioness head. She sometimes nurses a baby.

Spirit allies:

Meskhenet, Sobek, Horus

Creatures: Snakes, lions

Sacred sites:

Renenet was also a guardian of the grain and grape harvest. Ancient Egypt had a flourishing wine industry. Her shrines were placed beside vats or wine presses.


Milk, grain, grapes, wine

See Also:

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  • Meskhenet
  • Sobek

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