Necrominon: Egyptian Sethanic Magick – Michael W. Ford

Necrominon: Egyptian Sethanic Magick - Michael W FordAncient Egyptian Religion and Magick gifted humanity with foundations of understanding and controlling forces within the mind, body and spirit of the living with the spiritual realm perceived in nature.

The Left Hand Path and Luciferianism establishes a modern ideology and practice of utilizing the pantheon of ancient Egypt for insightful and powerful rituals which control and shape your determined path towards self-deification.

Michael W. Ford for over 10 years has developed and presented Luciferianism as an evolution in Magick, this grimoire utilizes the obscure Luciferian texts of Charles Pace, a Priest of Seth and Anubis who is considered a “Grandfather” of modern Luciferianism.

The works of Pace, known as Hamar’at, are presented and adapted by Michael W. Ford along with extensive studies of archeological evidence, translations and symbolism of the cults of Seth, Horus, Osiris, Amun-Re, Thoth, Sekhmet, Isis and their hymns and rituals.

The NECROMINON – Egyptian Sethanic Magick will open the Gates of the Underworld and offer up the Words of Power to seize your potential and self-determined path!

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