Roadomancy (also called astromancy) is divination by observing stars, comets, and meteors. Roadomancy is a form of Aeromancy which in turn is also divided into many forms or types such as:
Meteoromancy (divination by the observation of meteors or falling stars)
Cometomancy (divination by omens derived from the observation of comets)


Derived from the Old English rodor ('firmament') and manteia ('prophecy')


Roadomancy is different from astrology. In fact, sources suggest that Roadomancy is the forefather of astrology, whereby the practitioner using Roadomancy would note sudden changes in sky activity and interpret it as omens while astrology focuses on sudden changes in the sky as well as the fixed properties of planets and stars.
In Mithraism, the story of the birth of Mithra includes an example of roadomancy. Twelve Zoarastrian Magi (highly respected priest-magicians from the sacred caste of the Medes in Persia) followed the sign of a bright star that suddenly appeared in the sky to mark the location of the birth of Mithra. Mithra was born of a virgin Goddess. The Magi brought three gifts, gold, frankincense, and myrrh, symbols of a king.

Several hundred years later the Christian followers of Paul also engaged in roadomancy when they claimed that an unspecified number of eastern Magi (by tradition, three) followed the sign of a bright star that suddenly appeared in the sky in the east. After meeting with King Herod and the high priests of Judaism in Jerusalem, the Magi followed the star six miles southward to Bethlehem to find the location of the birth of Jesus by the virgin Mary. The Magi presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The Magi then were told in a dream to return home by a different route without returning to Herod.

According to nineteenth-century folklore, a falling or shooting star is believed to be a sign that a child has just come into the world. The shooting star supposedly falls over the spot where the baby is born. Many also believe that a wish made quickly and with sincerity on the first star of the evening, or while a falling star streaks across the night time sky, will be granted. To others, a falling star is thought to be an unlucky omen for those who witness it, even a presage of death (especially of men of great power), or an indication that someone close to you has just passed on.

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