Sacha Runa

Sacha Runa

Sacha Runa literally means “forest being.” He lives in the Ecuadorian Amazon near the Andes Mountains (but he’s a highly mobile spirit and can travel). Sacha Runa’s domain is the jungle. Destroying the rain forest minimizes his territory. Sacha Runa’s name is now used by various organizations, including a conglomeration of indigenous people, who share the goal of protecting the Amazon rain forest.

The spirit Sacha Runa protects the forest’s animals. He may protect people in the forest, too, presuming their intentions are good. He serves as the intermediary between humans and plant spirits. Sacha Runa’s special relationship is with shamans. Vegetalistas are Amazonian shamans who learn directly from the plant spirits. To become a true vegetalista with full powers, one must eventually encounter Sacha Runa, who may or may not initiate the encounter. Seeking Sacha Runa involves rituals and time. Cleansing rituals, including fasting and purging, are performed. While one waits for him, no salt or domestic meat may be consumed or he will not appear. He appears when he is ready and when he deems you ready; people have been known to wait a very long time.

Sacha Runa is a male spirit. In general, he greets and guides women. He will sometimes enter relationships with men, too, but they are more likely to encounter his female counterpart, Sacha Huarmi.


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