$Alvation for $Ale

$Alvation for $Ale

Church of Lucifer, Occult World



By Rev. Frederick Nagash

Yes you to can be saved for a small donation to your local Christian Church, or this is what the hypocritical Christian Priests will sell you. There are T.V evangelists everywhere you look now a days talking about how your soul can be saved and how they can heal your illnesses and all they ask for is a donation to the Church. In reality they have no real power and it has all been a ploy to make those weak minded enough, to give up their hard earned money to that particular Church or organization. I have witnessed this first hand, for starters there are Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, R.W Schambach and countless others that will sell you your salvation through your television set and claim the money you send will only go to help there Church. Have you ever seen a T.V evangelist with a shabby home? I ask why if money is the root of all evil do they so long for this evil, even beg for it? They claim they are a Church so that they are tax exempt and can keep all the money they take from weak minded Christians, yet if the Church of Lucifer were to try to become tax exempt it would be laughed at, I say why, we are a Church? Tax them all than!!! Actually the answer is simple, Christians keep to Christians and only do for Christians it is religious discrimination but the government will call it something different or claim we are a cult not a Church because the government is a cesspool of one huge Christian pile of dung. No thinking, rational, intelligent human being would buy there salvation so to speak, also no rational human would believe in the garbage preached by these self-righteous idiots! But than again, most Christians believe in a big old man in the sky pulling every ones strings and having “magickal sex” with virgins where God actually has a “magickal child” who can walk on water and who died to absolve every ones sins! Sounds like a story I would have made up as a child and not something I would expect grown adults to adhere and believe in.



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