Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is said to be the location of vortices that emanate a force called Earth energy. These vortices are said to energize the people who visit Sedona and/or to give them feelings of peace and happiness. The energy is also credited with increasing creativity and stimulating the unconscious so that sometimes people claim to have visions while near an energy vortex. Residents of Sedona say that one can find a vortex site by looking for Juniper trees that are unnaturally twisted. Many of these sites, including Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock, also have unusual rock formations. They were first identified as energy centers by trance medium Page Bryant, who was also apparently the first person to use the word vortex in reference to them. People who believe in Sedona’s energy vortices have come up with various theories to explain them. For example, Raymond Mardyks, in his book Star Temples in the Stones, suggests that Sedona’s rock formations have power because they are aligned with certain stars and constellations. He believes that other sites on Earth are similarly aligned, and that such sites can expand a person’s level of consciousness. Others have suggested that the energy comes from the large amounts of iron and quartz in the area because these ores have been known, respectively, to store or act as conduits for certain types of energy. Still another theory is that Sedona’s power is connected to the fact that it has long been a sacred site for Native Americans. In fact, according to local history, even before the first European settlers arrived in the region, members of various Indian tribes were visiting the Sedona area to meditate and perform rituals in what is now called Boynton Canyon.


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