Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

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The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses is a magical text of Spells and Conjurations especially popular in the Powwowing tradition among German settlers in America.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses—also called the “mystery of all mysteries”—have more than 125, seals, Talismans and Hexenfoos for summoning spirits and working spells such as luck, wealth, necromancy, healing, protection, Curses and other magical purposes.

The text, based on kabbalistic magic, supposedly was written by Johann Scheibel, who lived in the late 18th century and was published posthumously in 1849 in Stuttgart, Germany. According to lore, the book was dictated by God to Moses on Mount Sinai but was omitted from the Old Testament because of its power. The book was passed down to Aaron, Caleb, Joshua, David and the magically powerful King Solomon.

German-language editions of the text were brought to America by immigrants and were translated into English by the early 19th century. They were favoured by many powwowers, along with John George Hohman’s The Long Lost Friend.

Folk tales from Germany portray the book as powerful but dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands or is misused. One tale holds that no more magic or Witchcraft exist because the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses is safely locked up in Wittenberg, Germany.

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