Sternomancy is a form of divination that involves reading the markings or bumps on the chest or breast bone (the area “from the breast to the belly”).


Derived from the Greek sternon ('breastbone') and manteia ('prophecy')


Sternomancy may have been commonly practiced on victims of sacrifice and is believed to be an early form of Ventriloquism. The size and shape of the sternum bone are taken into consideration, as well as the way in which the bone burns when placed into a fire. It was popular in Spain during the 18th century.


Sternomancy is a method of fortunetelling that can be used to unveil the character of a woman simply by reading the shape of her breasts. Here are some of the key points of Sternomancy:

Women with small breasts are mostly concerned about the faithfulness of their partners.
Women with large breasts are optimistic, cheerful and sensual. They can be very inventive in bed and expect the same from their partners.


A well-shaped protruding nipple confirms the powerful and dominating character of a woman.
A small or inverted nipple tells of a private and reserved character.


* A fox’s nose (a springboard-shaped breast): Those who have fox’s noses are usually smart and reserved women. These women do not usually reach anything professionally, because they are too lazy to show any initiative. A ‘fox’ can become a very good wife for practically any man, and such women usually build successful families.

* Cherry: Women with very small breasts that look like cherries are distinctive for their sociable character – they are reasonable and easy-going. Such women can be very good and reliable partners in everyday life, although they do not give special emphasis to physical intimacy.

* Apples: Hard-working housewives usually have round-shaped breasts. ‘Apples’ do not like changing their sex partners.

* Pears: Women with pear-shaped breasts are lovable and will indulge in liaisons as often as they can. Even if a ‘pear’ is religious, she is not likely to decline romance. However, it is impossible to tame such a woman. She is independent, wilful but unintelligent, which makes her attractive to men.

*Lemons: These women are full of life and are capable of criticizing themselves, although they prefer to lead a quieter lifestyle.

*Melons: Women with melon-shaped breasts like being admired. They value delicious food and constantly develop their cooking skills.

*Water-melons: Women with such breasts like to eat and they like being pampered.

Modern forms

The holiday custom of the breaking of a chicken's or turkey's wishbone by two persons is actually a remnant of this type of divination.